Rosalia Sanni is an award winning landscape designer who's  approach strikes a balance between architecture, nature and people in order to create a meaningful landscape for her clients. Having lived and traveled in various cities in Europe and the U.S., she draws inspiration from diverse experiences and continually keeps her mind open to new ways of thinking that can influence her. Rosalia's work balances respect for tradition with an eye towards the future, and seamlessly integrates into modern day life.  Her landscapes relate to the context of the setting, as they explore the intersection of the manmade with nature.  

After 15 years of designing for visionary landscape architecture firms, Rosalia launched out on her own in 2014.  Rosalia completed her studies in landscape design at the New York Botanical Garden, after earning a B.A. at Tufts University. She also studied landscape architecture at UC Berkeley, and design & art history at Universitá Cattolica Del Sacro Cuore in Milan, Italy.  Prior to becoming a landscape designer, Rosalia led a successful career in advertising. When not running her business, Rosalia donates her skills and enthusiasm to helping her community connect with nature and the outside world. She currently serves on the Board of Directors for Greenwich Community Gardens and is an active member of Greenwich Green Schools. 


Rosalia Sanni Design LLC offers a full scope of landscape design services tailored to assist clients in developing clear visions for their properties. We engage in ongoing collaborations with teams of professionals including clients, architects, interior designers, engineers, environmental specialists, scientists, contractors, sculptors and artisans. We take projects from initial pre-design & analysis phase, through concept design, presentation, permitting, construction documentation, budgeting, construction, and beyond completion.

Philosophy & Giving Back

We believe that good landscapes and good design enhance the lives of the people who experience them in profound ways.  We want our designs to be so much more than just a collection of beautiful magazine-worthy pictures.  They must also function to suit the lives of the people who live in them, in a fun and deeply personal way.  And, with this goal in mind, we maintain an open dialogue while continuing to work through the complexities and nuances of a project.

We also believe that giving back to the local community and the broader world is an honor for these same reasons.  Each charitable project is treated with the same meticulous approach to create a positive impact.